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New Resourse — new features or from simple to complex

Greetings, dear colleagues.

  I am happy to announce a new project in our company New Resource.

  Now your company can order from us any products made of birch plywood of the interior and exterior brand with FSC 100%. Any geometric shape of products, the necessary holes and grooves.

  Plywood products can be calibrated or sanded. According to your requirements, we will choose the grinding tool that you need.

  I also inform you that the tolerance for plywood and plywood parts can be no more than + / - 0.2 mm.

  We will develop individual packaging for your products.

  Everything is fast, efficient and on time. And you need to put a color or black-and-white print on the plywood, our laboratory will do this work.

  In addition, our company can take on the solution of logistics tasks of any complexity.

Your New Resource is always a resource for your new features.

We work for You!

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